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Splashing with family, lap swimming, water aerobics, swim team and swim lessons are all right here at your YMCA of Hannibal pool. We are honored to keep the long standing tradition of the YMCA providing a safe fun place to swim and play.

Our bright, clean pool, hot tub, sauna and steam room are heated for year round comfort with certified lifeguards present to keep you safe.


YMCA of Hannibal Pool is here for you!


Click here to check out the current schedule.

Check out our pool schedule to find the best time for you! With so many great programs the pool schedule does change frequently please refer to the weekly schedule in the app.


Swim lessons include both safety topics and swimming skills. There may be times where you see group lessons sitting and talking on deck before getting in the water.  The Aquatics Department is actively working towards more training opportunities to provide both swimmers and staff alike ways to grow and set new goals. 

Tips for making swim lessons a success! 

          • Swim lessons are designed to be taken multiple times, so repeating levels is a part of the plan and not a representation of failure. Learning through play and having a fun safe environment is the goal to foster a positive feeling kids want to come back to! Learning to swim and breath control takes time and practice, swim lessons are held year round to give you every opportunity. Having strong swimming skills before summer or a vacation means thinking months ahead.
          • Goggles: If your little one is interested or open to the idea of goggles we highly encourage goggles for swim lessons and swimming in general. The masks that cover your eyes and nose are discouraged because when the nose is covered children are not able to work on and master breath control, another name for nose bubbles. 

We are here for our members, if you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Building strong safe swimmers is what Hannibal needs and we are here! Click below and we can get started! 

Click here to learn more about swim lessons.