Working at the Y is more than just a job - you'll find opportunities to reach your potential while making a positive impact in your community. Open positions are listed below. Click each for a brief description.

Title: Wellness Attendant

Status: Part-Time

Reports to: Wellness Director



We are hiring for a closing wellness attendant. We are seeking energetic, organized staff who pay attention to detail and enjoy working in a highly trafficked area.  

To apply, stop by the Welcome Desk to fill out an application. For more information, call (573) 221-0586.

Title: Head Life Guard

Status: Part-Time  

Reports to: Aquatics Director


Job Summary:

The head lifeguard will be in charge of supervision, training, and in-services of lifeguards to ensure a safe aquatic environment in the YMCA of Hannibal. 


General Responsibilities & Job Duties:

  • Welcome members and guests in a friendly manor
  • Communicate with staff and swimmers to enforce pool rules and maintain discipline in the pool area
  • Assist with overall guest experience
  • Schedule lifeguards for all hours of pool operation
  • Assist in covering lifeguard callouts
  • Assist with in-service training, skill assessments, and surveillance checks
  • Assist with lifeguard staff reviews
  • Provide orientation to new lifeguards in correct practices and rule enforcement
  • Communicate staff performance concerns to the Aquatics Director
  • Assist with lifeguard training and recertification
  • Address pool area concerns such as cleaning, safety, and organization
  • Attend all scheduled meetings
  • Other duties as assigned by the Aquatics Director

Skills, Education, & Experience:

  • Maintain lifeguard certification
  • Swim instructor is preferred but not required
  • Strong communication skills with coworkers and members
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines and multi-task
  • Be punctual, show up on time for your shift
  • YMCA Leader Certification within 6 months of accepting position
  • Work towards Lifeguard Instructor Certification


Physical Qualifications:

Speaking, hearing, seeing, reading, writing, typing, lifting, walking, standing, swimming


Working Conditions:

Head Lifeguard will be in a warm humid indoor pool environment and also an office environment. Swimming and teaching from the water and around water is expected on a regular basis. 



  • Lifeguards and swim instructors are prohibited to teach YMCA members independently and to charge and collect fees directly. All teaching of YMCA members must go through or facility and operations. Failure to do so can lead to suspension/termination.
  • All employees are required to work at least 8 hours per month to maintain complimentary membership status.
  • All other guidelines must be followed in accordance with the Employee Handbook.

Title: Life Guard

Status: Part-Time

Reports to: Aquatics Director and Head Guard


Job Summary:

To efficiently perform work as needed to preserve the health and safety of patrons utilizing the YMCA Swimming Pool.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Remaining Alert– Lifeguards must work at alert status for the purpose of rescue if necessary. 
  • Communicate Clearly – Lifeguards must be able to communicate with the public when it comes to enforcing pool rules and discipline in the pool area. 
  • Maintain Swimming and Other Skills –It is important for guards to be physically strong enough to pass all water skills necessary to become guard certified. Life guards must also administer first aid or lifesaving skills as necessary.
  • Punctuality – Life Guards must be on time. Preferably 10-15 minutes before their scheduled shift. Guards are required to fill their scheduled shifts if they are in need of a substitute.  They must give a notice of 24 hours (minimum) to the Aquatics Director after a failed attempt to find a sub if they would like assistance in finding someone.  If a sub cannot be found, the guard is still required to cover unless they have a written doctor’s note or other notice approved by the director.  The sub sheet must be signed by both guards if a substitute is being used.  Failure to have the sub sheet signed will result in the original sub being responsible for the shift.


Specific Responsibilities

  • Find your own sub when needed and fill out sub sheet.
  • Attend all scheduled meetings
  • Be punctual for all shifts
  • Maintain open communication with your Aquatics Director and co-workers
  • Maintain your guard certifications by attending recertification (see recertification contract)
  • Maintenance of pool facilities including cleaning pool area and adjustment of lane lines.
  • Smile, have fun, and enjoy your job!


Skills, Education, and Experience:

  • 16 years of age or older
  • Most hold current YMCA lifeguarding certifications which include standard First Aid, CPR-Pro, AED, and Emergency Oxygen certifications. Special consideration may be given to those applicants who have completed the water safety instructor class.
  • Friendly and outgoing personality
  • Exceptional member/ guest service
  • Passion for the YMCA core values
  • Attention to detail



  • Lifeguards are prohibited to teach YMCA members independently and to charge and collect fees directly. All teaching of YMCA members must go through our facility and operations. Failure to do so can lead to suspension/termination.
  • All employees are required to work at least 8 hours per month to maintain complimentary membership status.
  • All other guidelines must be followed in accordance with the Employee Handbook.

To apply for one of our open positions, stop by the Welcome Desk to fill out an application or download one here. You can submit your resume to Becca Immegart.


The YMCA of Hannibal creates opportunities for persons of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to achieve their potential. We aspire to be the center of collaboration within our communities by inspiring and promoting diversity, inclusion, and global efforts for all.

Cheerful Boy With Disability At YMCA


The YMCA of Hannibal is part of the International YMCA Network – a powerful alliance dedicated to strengthening our global communities. Because of this global reach, we are able to respond to trends in migration, health, economic livelihood and education that are reshaping our communities.

International partnerships are developed based on the mutual interests of both local and international Ys. The YMCA of Hannibal currently partners with:

  • Belize
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • South Africa
  • Ukraine

The YMCA was established in Ukraine in 1902. After being banned from 1917 to 1991 when Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, the YMCA was reorganized and restarted in 1993.

There are 25 local YMCAs around the country reaching tens of thousands of youth and young adults each year through programs focused on sports, camping, psychosocial counseling, performing arts, HIV prevention, international exchanges and civic engagement.

Ukrainian YMCAs in Lviv Rivne, Lutsk, Karpaty and Ternopil in the west and Zaporizhzhia and Kharkiv in the east are providing emergency support to the local community and the thousands of internally displaced people arriving from conflict impacted communities. This includes food, shelter, and overall support for youth, families, and the elderly. Learn more about YMCA Ukraine’s response.

Established in 1987 and incorporated April 7, 1995, the YMCA Belize has been a local partner in the global, community-led YMCA movement to build healthy families and communities. YMCA Belize serves the children and families of some of Belize City’s lowest socioeconomic communities, who are faced with disproportionate obstacles and challenges.

Belize is a very young and independent country (1981) who is still struggling to meet the needs of its people. The community has needs of education, sports and training which is primarily what the YMCA of Belize provides in its limited capacity and scarce resources.

In 2006, a collaboration of U.S. YMCAs was formed to provide support to the South Africa YCMA to strengthen its leadership, governance, programs, communications and financial sustainability.

Today, the YMCA South Africa serves urban youth through after school programs that focus on improving academic performance. Provides youth with education programs in the arts, economics, entrepreneurship, juvenile justice, science, math and technology. Organizes street soccer programs to provide safe spaces for youth to play away from neighborhood gangs, prostitution and violence.

The YMCAs in Colombia serve the most vulnerable populations reaching over 30,000 people annually. Priority is placed on youth programs that promote peace and solidarity, psychosocial and educational support for victims of violence, poverty reduction and forced displacement.

YMCA Colombia was founded in 1964 in Bogotá with a mission to help children and youth (particularly those who were homeless) who lived in highly vulnerable situations. YMCA Colombia’s focus has been on teaching its children and youth how to be leaders with transferrable skills so that they can help empower future generations.

Today, the YMCA engages young people in underserved communities through service-learning projects and leadership development opportunities.Empowers vulnerable teens and young adults to start their own businesses through financial literacy education and entrepreneurship programs. Provides safe spaces for education, counseling and recreation to children and women who have been sexually exploited.